About Us

We are two sisters from North Vancouver who are lifelong animal lovers. We have both been rescuing animals since we were young and having experienced the heartache of losing them in recent years we felt a desire to turn that sadness into positivity. We wanted to be able to honour our past and present pets while helping those in need and channeling our energy creatively.

Rainbow Bridge began in the Summer of 2020. The term Rainbow Bridge is commonly known as an other-worldly meadow where pets go upon their passing. A beautiful pet 'heaven' where they live on and eventually will be reunited with their owners. We have always loved this belief and wanted to incorporate the colours of the rainbow into our clothing, hence the tie-dye. 

We have been working hard at creating a brand that is not only stylish and comfortable but also does some good. So we have been committed to donating an ongoing portion of each sale to the BC SPCA. We hope to continue to grow and be able to branch out to supporting other animal rescue organizations as we know there are so many in need.

After a great first launch on Instagram, we are excited to introduce our online store and new collections. We can't thank our supporters enough and have been thrilled at all the positive feedback. We look forward to reaching so many more animal and tie-dye lovers alike!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed making them!


Halle & Sydney